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Family-friendly Vacation Destination 4 in Malang and surrounding areas

Family-friendly Vacation Destination 4 in Malang and surrounding areas. - Tells the story of the unfortunate memories of the town is indeed truly memorable. Unfortunate that it is located in East Java province this stated purpose in the region's second largest city Surabaya, East Java. Malang was founded at the time of Kajuruhan. It is located on the plateau. Therefore, the climate is very cool the air. Anyway if you already pay a visit to this city, welcome and comfortable.

Family-friendly Vacation Destination 4 in Malang and surrounding areas

Malang is also referred to as a student city and the city of flowers. The location is very cool plus much of the surrounding verdant trees make this area grow naturally. In addition, the beauty of the city is Unfortunate so many mountains that surround the city. We refer to the yuk the most attractive destinations around this poor city. Match or equal the whole family vacations create friends ~

1. Love nature via destinations Eco Green Park

Eco Green Park is located at JL. oro oro ombo No. 9A, combs, district of Malang East Java Stone. In the Eco Green Park we are invited to be more loved and get to know nature. Ranging from adventure about the Woods, get acquainted with the wide range of types of parrots, introduced also how we in the Recycle Bins are processed to make it more useful. Besides here too visitors can enjoy a variety of exciting rides-cool. From themed on the environment up to the super cute animal activity.

Here there are also Eco Science Center, which, in this place we can learn about the origin of Earth, natural disasters, environmental degradation, volcanoes and also mines coal. In the Eco Green Park there is also a vehicle which forms it resembles the Prambanan Temple. In addition to visiting the mengkemas themes about natural, Eco Green Park Malang also provide education about the culture through a replica 30 temples in Java-Bali. There is an interesting photo spot is also why, as spot photos on rides Home upside down. We also can enjoy the Jungle Adventure really interesting here.

2. Batu Night Spectacular popular with colorful paper lanterns Lights

Batu Night Spectacular is located on JL. Hayam Wuruk No. 1 oro oro ombo Batu, East Java. BNS this concept as a shopping, entertainment, sports and games. The Batu Night Spectacular is one area that was about to introduce the beauty of stone town at night especially Wretched day. In stone town serves an exquisite atmosphere. Therefore, this Spectacular Night Stone gives a lot of interesting atmosphere with a game of lights and lanterns are also equipped with the laser rides family certainly will add to the fun and keseruan for its visitors.

Many domestic and foreign tourists who have visited this place. In addition, BNS also offers its own charm the beauty of towering fountains such as dancing. The beauty of the typical and popular here is that while visiting his Garden Lanterns area. Garden Lanterns in many lanterns are beautiful-gorgeous colorful formed as a manifestation of the animal until the beautiful writings. If you like adventure exclamation. Here also serves a 4 dimensional cinema invites us to be an adventure exclamation in it directly.

3. Garden Maze Coban Rondo

Coban Rondo Maze Garden lies in the Ravine Pandesari, Rejo Pujon Malang East Java. Identical in Coban Rondo waterfall that adem is really. This place is much favored by the young. The scenery here is so beautiful. Not only children's labirinnya, Here also there is a Brown Leaf Cafe rides can be enjoyed. Memorable moments of incredible sensation we are invited to round a maze garden surrounds. Whoa you should try nih!

4. A rainbow of Coban

It is located in the hamlet of Coban Rainbow Ngadas Poncokusumo, Malang, East Java. In this there is a rainbow of Coban waterfalls are very unique. In Coban Rainbow place surrounded with verdant trees that make the atmosphere around the waterfall is so cool. Chilly still very fresh. On waterfalls also can excrete a variety of colors of the Rainbow. Coban Rainbow itself is very popular for hikers. Because it is not far from Mount Semeru and is still located in the area of Mount Bromo. The atmosphere here still very natural once, cool and chilly when first visiting here we will be greeted by the sound of birds which is so merdunya. The atmosphere here is so beautiful and natural.

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